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Project Performance

How Agile improves IT & Communication’s (ICT) project performance

Many organisations fail to start or fail to deliver effective IT & Communications (ICT) projects. To maximize the chances that your ICT projects deliver the expected value on time and within budget, lies in mastering four broad dimensions, which combined make up a methodology for small, medium and large-scale ICT projects that we call “value assurance.” The following elements make up this approach:

  • focusing on managing strategy and stakeholders instead of exclusively concentrating on budget and scheduling
  • mastering technology and project content by securing critical internal and external talent
  • building effective teams by aligning their incentives with the overall goals of projects
  • excelling at core project-management practices, such as short delivery cycles and rigorous quality checks


An organisations inability to master the first two dimensions typically causes about half of all cost overruns, while poor performance on the second two dimensions’ accounts for an additional 40 percent of overspending so ensuring you get the project from scope to deliver is key so appointing a company like Agile is key to the success of your IT & Commination’s (ICT) project.

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